To Surprise You – Uncolored Balm


We’re finally bringing back an uncolored lip balm, with a brand new formula! Because chapped lips won’t do for surprise kisses. :3

Currently three flavor options available, or get a multipack if they all sound yummy!

This is a soft and super moisturizing formula and as such can be a bit melty (like your heart and/or sense of decorum when senpai notices you). During warmer months, please plan and store accordingly! I will feel terrible if your purse or pockets or upholstery are ruined, but I also will not offer to replace them.

Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, avocado oil, pomegranate seed oil, tocopherol, flavor.

Comes in a standard 0.15 oz round tube with random picture label (more available than the ones shown).

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